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Overview of Language Courses

We offer a wide range of language courses covering all levels. Courses are taught by qualified native speaker language trainers who bring a proactive, enthusiastic and focused approach to their work.

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How many lessons do I need?

Each learner is an individual. The level of progress depends on a number of factors, such as age, motivation, language learning background, time available and the level of intensity of the course. Therefore, we can only provide a guideline framework for the number of lessons needed to achieve a certain level. We hope, however, that you find this guide helpful.

Lessons recommended
A180 - 100
A2minimum 200
(A1 to A2: approx 120)
B1minimum 350
(A2 to B1: approx 150)
B2minimum 600
(B1 to B2: approx 250)
C1minimum 800
(B2 to C1: approx 200)
minimum 1000
(C1 to C2: approx 200)

Contact us on
Phone +49(0)8024-1733
Level test

See which course is best suited to your level

Take a placement test online to find out which level of language course would be the most suitable for you. After we have assessed the test, we will contact you to discuss course options. All placement tests are non-binding.

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