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High school abroad

Living abroad and studying at a high school abroad is an ideal start towards a career for students and young adults. Extended language learning abroad at a young age is priceless with benefits for life.

High school stay abroad with our partner GLS

We are your contact partner for information about high school stays abroad

As a cooperation partner for GLS Berlin we can help to facilitate high school stays abroad - worldwide. We advise parents and students and thoroughly prepare students for their language stay abroad. We conduct interviews and give complete application assistance to ensure that your child is in safe hands. The consultations take place on-site at Sprachzentrum Süd near Munich - and you are always able to correspond with the same representative.

  • GLS is a member of the FDSV Association for the German Language Travel Organisation
  • DFH German Association of High Schools. The GLS High School Program is continually checked by a specialist advisory board
  • GLS is a member of ALTO -Association of Language Travel Organisations
  • GLS is a DIN certified language travel organizer, EU  -DIN EN 14804
  • GLS is an Educational Travel Exchange Organisation and registered as a Member of the American Council of CSIET for the standards of international language travel

Detailed advice, complete preparation and an application for a high school stay abroad take place at Sprachzentrum Süd.
If you have any questions please contact, Mrs Vizzini: Tel. +49 (0) 8024-1733 or E-mail: natalina.vizzini@sprachzentrum-sued.de

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Application Procedure:

1. Gather information
We offer regular information events for high schools abroad. Personal consultations with Natalina Vizzini can be arranged at any time. Information is also available in the catalogue or on the Internet.

2. Decision guidance
We are happy to arrange a personal meeting to clarify details about your stay.

3. Application form
Fill in the online application form or send the application form from the free catalogue by mail to:Sprachzentrum Süd GmbH, GLS Agency, Miesbacher Str. 2, 83607 Holzkirchen. Please enclose copies of the last 3 school reports.

4. Interview
An interview is held (approx 1hr) where we communicate in the language of the chosen country to help us to ascertain your motivation and language skills. After the interview, further consultations are available in which we help to clarify your requests. All the detailed application documents will be given to you. For some countries, an > ELTIS test is necessary. Please contact GLS.

5. Binding confirmation of participation
After a successful interview, our GLS partner will send you confirmation regarding the inclusion in the international GLS school programme and a contract to sign. This needs to be signed by yourself or your parents within 14 days and returned to GLS. The application is binding and GLS will guarantee you a place.

6. Preparation
GLS will inform you of when and where the orientation sessions will be held. These are usually offered twice a year (normally late June and end of November)in Munich. This is where you receive all the important information to familiarise you about the upcoming stay.

7. Visa
For non-European countries, you need a special student visa. GLS can assist you when you need to apply for it.

8. Placement
You will be informed by GLS once a school place or even a host family has been found for you, and a date of departure will also be given.

9. Flights
You can book the programmes with or without flights. GLS offers a flight service and will try to organise flights so that you can you fly with other exchange students.

10. Arrival abroad
Your host family or your supervisor will be waiting at the airport - ready for your stay.

Contact us on
Phone +49(0)8024-1733

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