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Customer Reviews

Herr Partenhauser
Participant in one-to-one Japanese lessons
I am able to repeat a lot of Japanese in class.  The learning material is ideal for me. The trainer can convey the learning points very well and the lessons are easy to understand - just the right amount of input. Everything is perfect, the execution is super.

Participant in one-to-one Italian lessons 2018
“The lessons were varied and great fun! The teaching materials were clearly structured and contained a lot of interesting topics. I was very happy with my teacher because she was motivated, competent and open to questions. The lessons were exactly what I needed. I have been able to put a lot of what I learned into practice, e.g. reading texts or newspapers, listening to the radio, understanding song lyrics and opera arias.”

Participant Italian course 2017
I found that the lessons were very good because it was a small individual group and there was plenty of time for questions. We only had one book, which was an advantage. However, you had to do a lot of page shuffling (grammar, vocabulary and practice exercises). The lessons were entertaining; The teacher answered questions and explained everything clearly with examples. The pace of learning was good - not too much at once.

Karin Maier
English Course 2016, Individual Training
I can personally recommend the ‘One to One’ training. Very competent language teachers, who are not only professional but also, have a special way of getting the message across in a very relaxed atmosphere; it was always a lot of fun and the learning factor was 1a!

Manfred Kuhn
Language camp Munich Young & Fun 2016
My 14-year-old daughter was thrilled; she just blurted out what she had experienced. Accommodation, the care team, lessons, as well as the activities and above all meeting the other students has all contributed to the fact that she would like to go again next year. There is nothing more assuring for parents when their children come back so happy! Thanks to the team!

Shi, 14, aus China
Sprachcamp Munich Adventure 2016
It is the best time for me to stay in Munich Camp. I am the only Chinese in the camp so that there are some problems for me, such as without partner, I am the only Asian. However, I got great help from the teachers in Munich, they gave me lots of good advice. I will keep this beautiful memory in mind forever. GLS is a nice, thoughtful , caring camp. All of the staff are experienced, they will give you not only the knowledge but also the friendship. I hope I will come back to Munich again.

Sofia Bonde, 10, aus Rom
Sprachcamp: Munich Young & Fun 2016
First class! Great organization, very international experience, super coaches, great events and excursions. The German language test should be done online together with booking, or, in any case, prior to rooming list and class assignment in order to both  assure that children in the same room can communicate with each other and that the correct level of German will be taught.

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